Goldman Sachs: The market is too anxious over the weak dollar

Robin Brooks and Michael Cahill, economists at Goldman Sachs wrote that they believe that the current market for a weaker dollar is too anxious about the weak US dollar for the following reasons


First, Figure 1 shows since 2014, dollar-weighted index against major currencies trend. Red arrows indicate the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan easing measures in terms of driving the dollar role, the pink arrow indicates the limited role played by the Fed’s policy shift (end of 2014, the Fed abandon forward guidance, the dollar being a little boost). In short, the current dollar weakness is not affected by the Fed’s influence, but the Bank of Japan and European Central Bank policy change results. Of course, the dollar rallies or be reversed in 2014, but the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan need to reduce irritation. We expect these two would run counter to the central bank. As the Fed is prepared to take easing, the dollar may be pared gains in 2014. However, we expect the Fed will run counter to, the Bank is expected to cut the current economy to the end of 2019 the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by 300 basis points.

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The ultimate Binary Options Brokers Ranking

The ultimate list of Top Binary Options brokers In the world for 2016

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Buying Cheap Pokemon Go Plus Accessories

Pokemon GO has only been launched recently and took the world by storm.

There are few Items and accessories available that will upgrade your Pokemon Go Gaming Experience.

Here are few sites that offer Cheap Pokemon Go Plus Accessories.

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Investors do not give up the and the market is waiting for QE4.

Investors do not give up the and the market is waiting for QE4.

Bill Gross the Investment Manager, known as the “King of Debt” , said the next monetary and fiscal policy should include “helicopter money” to stimulate the US economy.

He said the Fed and the US Treasury should launch a new round of QE and buy large amounts of US Treasury bonds to stimulate US economic growth.

Gross is not the only one who thinks that the Fed needs to re-introduce QE . Steven Englander national strategy at Citigroup G10 believes that the asset prices in the market reflect a new round of QE

He said that in addition to the labor market data, weak US economic data. This means that every month there is a good news for the market, followed by more bad news followed. This can be seen Citi Economic Surprise Index (economic surprise index) in. Mid-month, the index fell in mid-April, 0 represents strong performance.

Englander said: “I suspect that investors will begin in June / July rate hike risk to exclude it from the price they began to deny the Fed will raise interest rates to step as simple as market pricing if you really think that overall interest rates. in May 2017 the former will not come (as it is now, as market pricing), you must take into account the poor economy to allow the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates. ”

Whenever someone mentions negative interest rates, negative interest rates, Fed officials have expressed very unpopularly.

Englander noted that until negative interest rates, you have to consider the possibility of QE4. Fed may drive down long-term interest rates through further QE. In the past, the prospect of QE supports the stock market. But now many investors wonder whether the stock market will be supported by QE, the main concerns are focused on the long-term interest rates fell and the dollar.

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Best Kodi Streamers For 2016

2016 is ready to be the year that Kodi comes up huge. Kodi is establishing its position as the ultimate media streaming box. On the off chance that you have a huge amount of content you need to watch on your screen Kodi is an awesome administration device to get it going. What is the best hardware you can run Kodi on in 2016?

Here is our rundown and ranking of the  best media streaming devices for kodi availble today.

M8S Android TV Media Box/Streamer/

1, Amlogic S812 Chip(The lates Chip by Amlogic), Quad Core Cortex A9 2.0GHz
2, OS: Android 4.4 KitKat
4, 2.4G/5G Dual Wifi
5, Bluetooth 4.0
6, 4Kx2K Ultra HD
7, Support H. 265 HEVC









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