Hikvision New NVR Product line

As the world’s top vendor for CCTV and video surveillance equipment, Hikvision delivers solutions for security applications used in over 100 countries. With the industry’s largest R&D team and a reputation for excellence,

Hikvision’ s prominent place in the surveillance industry is due in large part to the company’s dedication to superior products. So when their NVR systems were not providing the levels of performance and reliability they wanted back in 2005, Hikvision took steps to enhance them.

Hikvision was at the forefront of various manufacturers facing similar issues imposed by desktop-class hard drives. The video surveillance industry was quickly expanding, with larger systems, more cameras, and advanced software capabilities. And as the value of video footage grew, the need for reliable storage became undeniable.
H.265+ improves the compression ratio based on three key technologies: prediction
encoding technology based on the background model, background noise suppression
technology, and long-term bitrate control technology.
The current mainstream compression algorithms, such as MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264/AVC, and the latest H.265/HEVC, are all based on the frame of the hybrid encoding. Prediction encoding is one of the core technologies that influences the compression performance. It can be divided into inter-frame prediction encoding and intra-frame prediction.
inter-frame prediction creates a prediction model from one or more previously encoded video frames or fields using block-based motion compensation. HIKvision new Recorders are featured with  , , , and .

The NVR series include 4 Channel  ,8 Channel  ,16 Channel  ,32 Channel ,64 Channel  ,128 Channel  and 256 Channel Network video recorders


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