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An Embarrassing Launch to Apple’s iPhone X

Are you Mourning at the thought of dumping 1,000 bucks on a new phone? Well here’s how to try and spend slightly less. How to get the best mobile deal for your phone independent’s a busy day for Apple. The tech giant launches three different iPhone models today, including, according to leaks, a flagship iPhone X, set to come in at a cool £1,000. Rumours abound over quite what the latest must have the device will offer. But while there will be die-hards who have camped out in front of the central London store simply to be able to slap hands with Apple staff while clutching the iconic white box, it turns out the rest of us are falling out of love with the handset race as a direct result of the eye-watering costs.
Apple suffers embarrassing demo Face ID fail at iPhone X launch

Of course, it also far surpasses last year’s iPhone 7, which scored 1825 on the single core test and a 3118 on the multicore one.
Of course, benchmarks aren’t everything, but it’s not like we expect the iPhone X to perform poorly despite good references.

But the transition won’t be as painful as the iPhone 5 if you’re running an app designed for the previous phone’s display. Because of the OLED display, those edges are black. They blend seamlessly into the physical body of the phone, that means they look like part of a bigger bezel. Images display just like they would on the iPhone 7 or 8.

Face ID’s debut did have what seemed like a failed moment at the Apple event, but the company explained that it was due to some failed attempts by the stage crew. The iPhone X tried to authenticate their faces, unbeknownst to them, while they handled the new phone. It then reverted to asking presenter Craig Federighi for his passcode during the live demo. Oops.

“If there hadn’t been all the leaks there would have been a lot of big surprises, and people would have come away blown away. The holes took the edge off the announcements, but we’ve still seen a very robust set of products that re-establish Apple’s lead in a lot of categories,” said Apple analyst Jan Dawson.

Apple’s new iPhone X screen is considered an all-screen display, or what it calls a ‘Super Retina Display.’ It’s not elegantly named, but it comes with perks.

As always one of the benefits Apple has over its Android competitors is that it develops both the hardware and software on a handful of hardware configurations. This factor suggests that iPhones tend to be better optimised, and therefore slicker to use, than other phones. They also get software updates much faster.

Edge-to-edge, super retina display Apple’s chief designer Sir Jony Ive long made it his goal to create an iPhone that looked like a single sheet of glass. The iPhone X has realised this design, with a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge display that covers the entire front of the phone, save for a tiny notch at the top. It will have a 2438×1125 resolution display with 458 pixels per inch and an OLED display.

Design: More significantly, Apple has given the iPhone X a major makeover. It’s ditched the Home button at the bottom of the device, favouring the use of facial recognition technology (called FaceID) for unlocking rather than its TouchID fingerprint system. The firm says there is a one-in-a-million chance that someone else’s face will be able to unlock a device. There are around 7.4 billion people on Earth. FaceID can also be used to pay for products using Apple Pay.

Innovative Live Casino Games Boost the Industry

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Dominate The Web With GSA SEO Ranker

SEO companies need to do substantially tiring regime manual link building technique to stay competitive and to dominate SERP. , Locating and building backlinks can be challenging and horrifically dreary tasks. Today it is common knowledge that automation is the key to success in any industry and in SEO particularly AI can also replace time and save time. With GSA Search Engine Ranker SEOs never have to worry about backlinks again. This software is designed run autonomously, endlessly and build backlinks 24 hours a day. The software will register, scrap and spin articles submit links, solve captchas, index, and will keep (track and record of all tasks and links. This search engine optimization software can be extended to almost any submission tool supporting any website submission you like by a simple script engine

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High Quality Cheap Dental Implants in China

In case the cost of dental implants in the west that’s troubling you relax. Cheap and quality dental implants are available overseas in China and India. The cost of dental implants abroad is a fraction of that in the US.

And these dental clinics abroad offer not only low cost, but also high quality. They equipped with the latest technology. The dental implant process followed in our network of dental clinics is the same as that in US dental clinics.

The dental implant surgeons in China and India are highly qualified and highly experienced. They speak excellent English. Hence, there will be no communication problem.

The confidence and feel-good factor that come with dental implants outweigh any concerns about the cost of dental implants. Despite that cost will be taken care of if you choose to have dental implants done abroad at  China.

Further, if you pick a convenient destination for your dental work, you can even curtail your travel costs and time. Arizonians and Californians, for example, can opt to get dental implants in Shenzhen which located next to Macau and Hong-Kong.

Get The Highest Quality Dental Care in Shenzhen.

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Grow your Amazon business with their proven 90-day plan

Human anatomy is a very complex thing.

But there’s one very simple “rule”: blood stops flowing through your body = you’re dead. Not enough blood in your veins = you’re dead. You get a wrong blood type = you’re dead.

Same with your Amazon business.

And the “blood” for your business is…traffic.

Traffic stops coming to your point of sale (Amazon listing, website, etc…) = your business is dead. Not enough traffic to make enough conversions to keep the business going = your business is dead. Get the wrong type of traffic = your business is dead.

And one of THE biggest ways of “pumping” that traffic to your business is search engines.

Now, we’ve already talked about the Amazon searches, and how you can rank on Amazon. This time, I want to talk about the #1 search engine that most Amazon sellers are neglecting…

Yes, it’s Google.

You see, people who are searching on Amazon are what’s called a “hot buyer.” These people already did their homework. They researched everything they need. And they made a decision.

The “problem” with that is, even if we’re talking about millions of people who do that, it’s a small number compared to people who might be interested in your product but are not in a decision stage. Yet.

They don’t search for a specific product. They are searching for potential solutions. For a group of products. For answers to their questions.

And let me ask you, what would happen if they would find YOUR page, answering THEIR questions, and offering YOUR solutions?

Who do you think would be a logical seller, when they decide to buy?

Yes, that would be YOU!

I know, ranking on Google is not the same as ranking on Amazon. It has its own set of rules and challenges.

But it’s also not that hard nor complicated when you learn it from the right people.

And that’s why I called David Mills and Kotton Grammer, co-founders of a widely known company called OMG Machines, and they agreed to do a live webinar where they’ll be showing you their proven 90-day formula for massive online success, leveraging organic traffic from Google.

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Here’s just a quick example of few of their students who are making it big on Ecommerce and Amazon, leveraging the Google traffic:

Frank J. is a good example. He leverages the search engine traffic for one of his ecommerce sites. He said just last week that it’s made him at least a million dollars in the last year.

Bryan is a guy who went through our ASM (Amazing Selling Machine) program. He uses search engine rankings to get visitors to his Amazon listings. Again to the tune of 7-figures.

Tyler is another ASM alumni, who’s also an OMG alumni.

He’s a terrific example of the factor with selling physical products online.

Tyler has a health product on Amazon and he uses search engine rankings for visibility.

One woman found Tyler’s Amazon listing. Bought the product. And then used Tyler’s health product on her daughter…

…Which miraculously allowed her daughter avoid chemo in a non-cancer related but still obviously very serious condition!

That’s Tyler on the picture, along with Mike Long, another OMG co-founder

So, as you can see, if you miss this live webinar, you’re missing a lot.

A Different Kind of Arms Race in China

Mark Zuckerberg might risk his entire fortune on THIS
Has he lost his mind? Some believe he has… He’s already invested billions in a device he claims, “will become a part of daily life for BILLIONS of people.” The media mocked him mercilessly… until the device worked.

Now, billions of dollars are up for grabs in this space. See how to stake your claim here.
A Different Kind of Arms Race in China
By Scott Chan
The SAT, offered seven times a year, is a rite of passage for U.S. high school students who wish to go to college. A high school on the standardized exam can mean the difference between admission to a college of one’s dreams and settling for a backup. U.S. students have the option to take the standardized exam as many times as they want and have the option to report the score of their choice in their college applications.

Since most students choose to take the SAT in their junior and senior years, students usually begin to prepare in the high school, though some begin to prepare as early as middle school.

As important and challenging as the SAT may be to American students, however, it’s nothing compared to the gruelling exam their counterparts across the Pacific must tackle. China’s annual National College Entrance Examination (known as “gaokao” in Chinese) is held only once a year, in June, and the competition and pressure are so intense that some students use intravenous amino acid drips in order to replenish energy in order to burn the midnight oil.

The exact length and content of the gaokao vary by province but generally lasts about nine hours over two days and consists of a number of subjects, including English. The questions are notoriously difficult and the exam is widely held to be the toughest in the world.

Only about 60 percent of exam takers pass and far smaller percentage make it into top universities. Due to limited spots, in 2016 the top-two universities only accepted less than 6,700 total students out of 9.3 million who took the gaokao (0.07 percent). It’s not uncommon for students to spend their entire senior year preparing for this exam, including nearly all waking hours studying—in school and at home.

In a culture that greatly values education and academic prestige, parents feel pressure to partake in the education arms race. A degree from a top university could be the key difference maker in a very competitive job market. After all, if many other students are getting extra help, then not getting tutoring for your kids would put them at a disadvantage. Many children begin receiving tutoring as early as primary school. A common Chinese saying nowadays goes: “don’t let your child lose the race at the starting line.” As the population becomes more affluent and the middle class expands, parents are spending more money to get their kids as much extra academic help as possible as early as possible, a boon for tutoring businesses.

New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE: EDU) and TAL Education Group (NYSE: TAL) are two leading Chinese private tutoring operators whose stocks have soared this year thanks to said growing demand.

By student enrollment, New Oriental is the largest tutoring operator in China. In fiscal 2017, ended May 2017, it had 4.9 million student enrollments. At the end of May, it had 855 learning centres, including 77 schools, 20 bookstores and an extensive online platform with over 17 million registered users and over 22,000 teachers in 65 cities. The company originally began as a test preparation center focused on preparing Chinese students for U.S. exams to study abroad, but has since increasingly relied on domestic K-to-12 tutoring as the key revenue growth driver.

As for TAL, at the end of May it owned 567 learning centres in 35 cities. This marks an addition of 60 centres and 5 cities during the February-to-May quarter. Student enrollment in the quarter grew by 62 percent to 1.05 million compared to a year ago, which drove the revenue increase of 65 percent, to $321.9 million. Compared to one year ago, the number of centres and cities grew by 172 and 10, respectively.

TAL commands a higher P/E, but it is the faster growing of the two. Enrollments grew 70 percent year over year in the last fiscal year (to 3.9 million), compared to New Oriental’s 40 percent. It’s now very aggressively opening new learning centres. On the other hand, New Oriental is already past its fast-expansion phase. It has intentionally slowed its annual learning centre increase to about 8 percent on average.

The net result is TAL will enjoy faster-growing revenues but its profits will likely be more volatile due to the faster-growing costs of opening new centres and hiring new staff. Over the next three to five years, we expect New Oriental’s earnings to share to rise at an annual rate in the 20’s while TAL, assuming no hiccups in its growth strategy, could expand at 40 percent or better a year.

Unless the Chinese government decides to overhaul its education system to ease exam and university admission requirements or restrict how much tutors can charge, the tutoring market will continue to grow. Some estimates expect after-school tutoring revenues to at least double by 2021.

The penetration of K-to-12 after-school tutoring in Tier 1 cities (China’s five largest) is pretty high—estimated to be around 80 percent—but there are still plenty of underserved areas and both companies are expanding into said areas. As China’s GDP continues to rise, more and more families from smaller cities and even rural areas will seek to tutor for their children in order to pursue a better life. New Oriental and TAL’s offering of online courses allows them to capture students who reside in areas their learning centres do not serve.

Although they are two of the largest private tutoring operators in China and they are both gaining market share, from smaller competitors, New Oriental and TAL still account for a small share of the market, probably 5 percent or less combined. Expect both to continue to grab an increasing share of the growing pie.

Both stocks are richly valued, due to expectations of fast growth. In percentage terms, TAL will likely experience higher highs and lower lows than EDU, so more conservative investors probably would prefer the latter but the potential upside is higher for TAL. Both stock prices declined recently in what appears to be profit taking but have quickly recovered most of the lost ground.

This obscure plan doles out up to $1,003 a month in extra government cash
If you call your congressman, senator, or even the Social Security office down the street and ask them about this little-known opportunity, I’m certain they’ll tell you they’ve never heard of it. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Or that they’re trying to keep it a secret.

This income-boosting loophole is so obscure, less than 1/10 of 1% of Americans are taking advantage of it.

Basic Facts about Playing Poker Using Bitcoins

Gambling with real cash is currently a thing of the past. With all the introduction of cryptography, pseudoanonymity and crypto-currencies, it is now extra practical and more secure to enjoy internet poker and other internet gambling game titles irrespective of your location. Why risk the chances of being spied upon when you can make use of virtual foreign currency like Bitcoin to appreciate online gambling.

This you haven’t received an idea what a Bitcoin is, click through and prepare yourself to be mind-blown by just how beneficial you should use Bitcoin in online gambling.

An easy way to begin is to spend by credit-based card – you’ll find a few trustworthy Exchanges to buy Bitcoins with Credit- card on this site.

Are there disadvantages to playing poker applying Bitcoins?
You will find drawbacks yet Bitcoin can be not the issue. The adoption of online poker websites is. Intended for instance, the authorities may make an effort to get in the way and target particular poker sites for infringement of relevant federal laws and regulations. Major poker sites likewise haven’t accepted the repayment solution however because of the increased precautionary actions required to send Bitcoin obligations.

Is Bitcoin poker sites legal?
The legitimacy of the poker internet site is based mostly on exactly where it is working or located in. For example, depositing and withdrawing Bitcoins in Eu -based online poker sites is certainly entirely legal.

On the other hand, Bitcoin poker sites are generally illegal inside the Usa, therefore US players frequently can’t perform in Bitcoin poker rooms. A few parts of the world or perhaps states control Bitcoin hold em poker online sites, plus some don’t. Because bitcoin is normally not viewed as recognized currency but, it really is treated just like playing intended for play-money all over the world – that makes it perfectly reliable.

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