Binary Options Trading and Bitcoin make a perfect combination

Binary options enables the trader to speculate on the change in any given financial asset price. The traders predicts if the price will go up (call option) or down (put option) within a predetermined time period.
Many binary options brokers who adopted the practice of Bitcoin trading
The expiry period is normally between 60 seconds to as long as an entire week. The payout range stands between 70% to 85%; however, it all relies on the type of options and asset. Most top brokers provide various trading tools as: charting tools, news and signals.
Traders and brokers both benefit from trading bitcoin binary options since binary options trading does not involve buying the asset it self. The trading is actually a simple bet placed by the trader and the assets never change ownership. This give traders who do not have the possibility of buying actual bitcoins to benefit from the continues rise in Bitcoins’ price. This and more make Binary Options trading and Bitcoin a perfect  combination.

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