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Zara TRF 2016 a low cost alternative of the trendiest street-style fashion.

Always Now is the name chosen as the title for the latest collection of Zara TRF spring/ summer 2016 campaign . As Zara TRF is always about the trendiest street-style fashion.
This is a low cost collection alternative. Zara TRF embraces 1970s inspired, oversized style.

To me this style is more associated with the 1960s , What Every

  • For Children And Youth

For adults

Zara Fall Winter 2015-2016 Sleek Bohemian Campaign 04Zara Fall Winter 2015-2016 Sleek Bohemian Campaign 09Zara Fall Winter 2015-2016 Sleek Bohemian Campaign 11Source : topelle topelle


Vouge presents a variety of eye ware in many shapes and colors.

The new designs of sunglasses and eyeglasses for 2016 by Vogue fashion magazine.

Vogue magazine features a new campaign for spring / summer 2016 sunglasses and eyewear presented by Adirana De Lima


ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ

The campaign itself was inspired by the most sexy locations of Los Angeles, and the new models of sunglasses and eyeglasses its unique design and elegant frames represent the cosmopolitan spirit. The campaign shows a variety eye ware in many  shapes and colors. The cheerful atmosphere and sophisticated lifestyle of the sunny city and a perfect match for Adriana’s dynamic lifestyle.Vouge choose the supermodel as the face of Vogue Eyewear‘s spring summer 2016 campaign

take a look at Adriana Lima’s modeling skills

ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ

ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ

ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ

ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ

ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ

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We all know how important it is to recycle the products we all consume in order to save our planet and keep it green and clean.

♲♻♲♻♲♻  ♲♻♲♻♲♻

Here are few dresses and gowns made of recycled materials the i collected collected around the web  with some very creative ideas I think.

This dress  was made of  used candy wraps

This dress is made of cardboard

this dress was made of old newspapers

This dress is made of toilet paper .new not recycled I hope.