Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba leafGinkgo Biloba is the most popular herbal nootropic and it is often sold as at is. Many scientific studies confirm the use of this herb is very safe to use. In particular, the leaves of the ginkgo tree are used and they have a long history of use in order to increase the memory and to treat blood disorders. Ginkgo Biloba contains ginkgolides and bilobalide, which appear only  in this plant, as well as a number of flavonoids (a class of plant secondary metabolites) and terpenoids (naturally occurring organic chemicals ). The effectiveness of Ginkgo is now used for treatment of the dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. Researchers have found that this herb improves the mind and social behavior, as well as relieves depression. For this reason it is rightly called a  “smart drug”.

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