How to Install Microsoft 2013 Setup Guide

Microsoft Word is a word processor, being developed Microsoft. It offers you several helpful features like spell check, Synonyms, grammar check, cut and paste features and various templates, etc. Today maximum Microsoft word office are widely used by the people around the world; people use it for both professional and official purposes.

There are several benefits behind using Microsoft word, and that is why it stands to be the number 1 word processor service provider till date. Today In this post you will learn how to install Microsoft 2013, so start reading the post for your own knowledge and benefit.

How to Install Office 2013 on Windows PC

Installing Microsoft Office 2013 is quite simple and easy. There are several ways to Install Microsoft 2013. However, you can Follow the below-shown steps to install Office 2013 on your Windows PC.

Methods to Install Office 2013

Remember purchasing Office 2013 for one period can be installed only on a single computer, although, you can transfer it to another computer by using a file transfer or USB capable.

Step1: Sign in to my Office Account

  1. Firstly you will need to sign in using your Microsoft account. If you have not signed in with the Microsoft account, then associated with your copy of Office. If you are signed with a different account, just sign out and then sign in again with the correct Microsoft account.
  2. In the segment of installation information, select the Install option, where the process will begin to install the 32-bit version of Office on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Install and Activate Office.

  1. According to the browser which you use, click run (in Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox).

Remember: If you are utilizing Edge browser, then click save first followed by Run.

  1. If you observe “You are good to go” then click on Choose All done.
  2. Now you can start up using an Office by opening any one application like Word or Excel.
  3. That’s it; the office will automatically get activated on your Windows PC.

Following these steps, you can easily install and get access to Office 2013 on your Windows PC. It’s very simple, that simple where you do it with spending much time on it. If you have anything to ask regarding this post or related to it, then do feel free to comment us below.

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